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To Blog or Not To Blog

So, I decided to start a blog. This blog will be mainly about science, in particular theoretical chemistry, which is what I do for a living (and because it is an exciting and fun subject). The title of this blog refers to the Frozen Density Embedding method, which is one of the main areas of my work.

I had been thinking about starting a blog for some time because blogs are fun and I enjoy reading other (chemistry and non-chemistry) blogs. However, I never really knew whether I have anything to tell the world that could fill my own blog. I still don’t know that, but at least I have a few ideas. Let’s see where this is going …

The main driving force for really setting up something NOW was a blog post by Mario Barbatti on his (rather negative) view on the future of theoretical computational chemistry. I promised Mario to post my thoughts as a comment on his blog, but then realized that I need more space.The my first real blog post on the (bright) future of theoretical chemistry is not ready yet,  but will hopefully appear here in the next days.